Balance-Unbalance e XV Festival Internacional de la Imagen

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bunb_falaEsta semana participo da Balance-Unbalance ConferenceXV Festival Internacional de la Imagen. Já no primeiro dia apresentei o paper “Art & Sea: experiences with environmental aesthetics” onde analiso algumas das obras feitas no Ecoarte sobre a perspectiva da estética ambientar proposta por Allen Carlson. O evento é um mix de encontro acadêmico, performances, workshops, painéis. Veja mais sobre a programação no

Com o tema “Data Science + Eco Action” (Dados científicos + Eco Ação), BunB 2016 traz diversos questionamentos para estes dias de trabalho em Manizales:

How can we extract knowledge from large volumes of environmental and related data? How that can be used in benefit of the human society? What should we change in our thinking and in our behaviour? Individual vs community vs global: What matters? Why big or complex data is so relevant to our daily life? How the capture, analysis, curation, sharing, storage… and control of large data could rapidly change our world? What positive sides does it have? What not so positive, and even risks does it have? What data science has to do with humanitarian organizations? And with electronic art?

Juntamente com BunB, acontece o 15º edição do Festival Internacional de la Imagen que este ano tem como objetivos:

– Academic reflection, application of knowledge and exchange of ideas with national and international experts at the International Seminar, experiential workshops and the XIII Academic Forum of Design (to which 152 papers were presented).
– Approach to the audiovisual contemporaneity with the call for the Media Art Monographic Show (with over 175 works from more than 27 countries) and the meeting of Film (and) Digital.
– New perceptions on acoustics and multimedia with the call for Sounbridges and international Soundscapes.
– The Circulart D+A+T Market , supported by the Ministry of Culture, which brings together creators, managers, companies and collectives, around ideas and possibilities of cultural business.
– Exhibitions and special events open to the public.

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