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Neste sábado, juntamente com dois pesquisadores do projeto Mephysto, Carlos Lentini, José Garcia/UFBA e com Toni Oliveira/UFRB, participei do RIXC Festival – 5TH Open Fields Conference and Ecodata Exhibition. O evento, organizado pelo RIXC Center for New Media Culture de Riga, na Letônia, ocorreu online e fisicamente na The National Library of Latvia e RIXC Gallery. Nossos pesquisadores apresentaram o projeto artístico “Antarctic Convergence” no painel “EcoAesthetics and Data“.

Having in mind the image of the oceans converging in Antarctica, a visual artist, a code artist, and two scientists got together to create a hybrid art portraying this confluence of the seas and art & science. Antarctica Convergence is a fusion of sounds, images, and data visualization of the sea around King George Island, in Antarctica. A loop video shows the place’s perception of a submerged camera, data collected by the CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth), and data sonification/visualization. It is a dive into the cold water of the Southern Ocean and a dive into the data. Antarctica Convergence intends to present a sensitive form of understanding this remote underwater environment. It is about feeling the data, exploring the sea.

Abstract Antarctic Convergence

Veja mais sobre o evento aqui:

Abaixo, colocamos a vídeo arte criada pelos quatro pesquisadores.

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