First-Time Filmmaker Sessions – April 2022

Meu vídeo “2043” foi selecionado para o First-Time Filmmaker Sessions April 2022 – Filmmaker Preview Weekend – Programme 2, parte do Lift-Off Sessions

Veja mais sobre o 2043 aqui.

2043 was the number of migrants dead or missing in the Mediterranean sea in 2021*. When visiting Sicily, Italy, for my artistic research project about the Mediterranean sea, I heard on the news that a rescue boat had arrived with hundreds of immigrants in the island. And also about the 28 found dead those days. In that month, December, in a single day, there were 102 deaths, 18 children. It’s hard to imagine what makes people leave their country, family, friends to risk their lives in search of survival.
On a beach in Catania, I saw clothes, shoes, parts of toys on the shore and floating in the sea. It was impossible not to think of those people on the news. The ones trying to cross the Sea in search of a better life, in search of ways to support their families and survive. In search of hope. Every year, many lose their lives in this crossing. This is a short video in memoriam of those who lost their lives in 2021.

Directed by Karla Brunet
Images/Edited by Karla Brunet
Music by Believe in us by Thetunefulquire
Data by Missing Migrants Project

Thanks to CapesPrint UFBA


  • Ela e o Continente Gelado
  • Subverso Festival
  • Intervalo – fórum de arte
  • 1º Simpósio de Arte e Pesquisa do Ecoarte
  • Performance de Live Cinema no Museu do Mar