Remix Reconvex Reconvexo

Jan 6, 12 • Projetos1 Comment

Fui convidada por Giles Lane para produzir uma edição especial dos booklets chamada Material Conditions. Usei a música Reconvexo de Caetano Veloso como base para meu pequeno livro sobre arte, música, criação e lugar.

Veja o booklet online no:

Remix Reconvex Reconvexo by Karla Brunet

About : Music, Collaboration and Place are important to me in terms of creativity. I’ve combined my photography with the lyrics of “Reconvexo” by Caeteno Veloso, which speaks of an identity rooted in a place and it’s culture, as well as collaboration and remixing during the creative process. This booklet is about the place I chose to live. The place I call “home”. A place I can return to after being away.

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