Flusser Studies 30

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Saiu a publicação do Flusser Studies 30 – November 2020 / Vilém Flusser and His “Languages”. Nessa edição de novembro de 2020, publico um artigo em inglês intitulado “Notes on Antarctica Tempo”.

Keywords: Live Cinema, art and science, technical image, software

This article is the outcome of an audiovisual performance proposed for the Conference Vilém Flusser and His “Languages.” It presents the concept, aesthetic and technical choices on Antarctica Tempo, a Live Cinema work of art and science resulting from a 60-day expedition to Antarctica. The perception of this place and the pace of the trip are mixed with scientific research, my subjective view, and control within the military environment. It is a mixture of codes – software and language – that try to translate the experience lived in that distant place. The language I want to portray here is the technical image, the remix of this imagined place and tempo.

Notes (PDF 903.86 KB)

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