Borders – Karla Brunet – Roja ArtLab

Aug 16, 18 • Eventos, ExposiçõesNo Comments

Borders, 2018
By Karla Brunet

Lines separating geographical spaces, different conditions, different political views, different circumstances… This audiovisual performance is about these boundaries, the frontiers of geographical different areas, the sea as a border, the river as a border, the underwater and the above water, nature and concrete, the border crossings, the outsider and the insider.

In this live audiovisual performance, Karla Brunet – a Brazilian media artist – will manipulate videos, audios, and sounded images recreating edged landscapes found on her walks and paddling in/around Roja River and the Baltic Sea. An ephemeral multilayered narrative about her perspective of borderline and border controls is created during the performance. Karla has been working the past 10 years with electronic art projects involving nature and immersive experiences.

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