Of Ice and Moss

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It is a narrative of a walk on the only place on earth where no country can economically exploit, no government can proclaim to be the owner of the land. And the land can be only used for peaceful purposes, for scientific research and international scientific cooperation. Additionally, it has the goal of preservation and conservation of living resources. “Of ice and moss” is a rotoscoped short video of a narrative of walks in Antarctica. It is about stepping and feeling this far away place, this utopian place, this dream place… The walks deal with environmental preservation – of ice, moss, penguins –and the eagerness for solitude.

Of Ice and Moss

Directed by: Karla Brunet
Voice/Image: Karla Brunet
Music: Clair de Lune – Podington Bear

Thanks to
Projeto Mephysto / Proantar Nordeste

Selected artwork for the DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES Conference/Meeting

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